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Brand Builders by Upload Makers

Rick Barker Brand Builder

Former Manager of Taylor Swift and music career guru ‘Rick Baker’ contracted Upload Makers to produce a series of Brand Builder and Scroll Stopper videos.

Marketing video creation - simplified.

No matter what the GOAL of your video (Product Launch, Service Overview, What’s On, Event, Sale, Promotion or an About Us video)… Upload Makers will produce your ‘brand builder’ videos in a style that reflects your business image and shines a light on your brand.

We will incorporate your existing videos or photos (or substitute it with our quality stock footage instead), include your logo, key messaging, and royalty-free music. Video’s are 30 – 60  seconds duration. You’ll receive your completed video within 48 hours…ready to be uploaded across your social media and advertising platforms! Simple.

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Have fun with your marketing again! Our creative team is ready to take your brief and produce something special just for you…something that will reinforce your brand and get your message across.

Tap into our expertise and creativity today! We are always happy to brainstorm some winning ideas with you.

Business owners, marketing professionals and social media managers – let us customise a monthly scroll-stopper & brand-builder video package to help you deliver great, consistent content!

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